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この記事はposterousのCEOであるSachin Agarwalさんが書いたA product is not just about features. It's about experience.という記事を翻訳したものです。

I had a very frustrating conversation with someone a few weeks ago. He asked me how Posterous could compete in the blogging space given Google's Blogger has more users, money, and people.

I responded: we have the best team of engineers and designers imaginable. We will win because we are small and awesome. Microsoft throws 10x as many people at music players, phones, and computers. And they aren't winning there. If team size always won, there wouldn't be startups.
私はこう返した: 私達は想像できうる限りの最高のエンジニアとデザイナのチームを持っている。私たちは競争に勝つ。なぜなら私たちは少数精鋭だからだ。マイクロソフトはミュージックプレーヤー、電話機、コンピュータの分野に対してとても多くの人々を投入している。そして彼らはそこで勝っていない。もしチームの大きさによっていつでも勝つことができるなら、スタートアップは存在しない。

He then asked me about features. Other platforms have our features. Were we the first to do video posting by email?

No, we weren't the first with our feature set, but we think we did it best. Look at the iPhone: little of what the iPhone does is actually new. But Apple did it right, so it actually works well. If you compared the first iPhone to a Blackberry for features, the iPhone lost.

I asked this person directly: do you have an iPhone? Nope. Do you use a Mac or a PC? PC. There you go. You don't get it. Until you use an iPhone, a Mac, drive a BMW or Audi, you don't even realize how great the experience can be or how much it can drive the success of a product.
私はこの人物に直接的に尋ねてみた: あなたはiPhoneを持っている? いや。MacWindows、どっちを使ってる? Windows。やっぱりね。あなたはわかってない。あなたがiPhoneMacを使うかBMWAudiを乗るまでは、それがどのように素晴らしい体験を与えられるか、どんなにプロダクトが成功しうるかを知ることすらできない。

[Edit: If your whole life you used nothing but Windows, you think a computer just runs office. If you only used a BlackBerry, you think a phone just makes calls. If you only drove a Kia, you think a car gets you from point A to point B. But only by trying the high end products in these areas, do you realize how the same feature set can be enhanced by experience. You may not choose to pay the premium, but at least you know.]
[編集: もしほとんどの人生の中でWindowsしか使っていないなら、コンピュータを単にOfficeを動かすためのものだと考える。BlackBerryだけを使っているなら、電話を単に話すためだけのものだと考える。もしKiaしか乗ったことがないなら、車を単なる場所Aから場所Bに移動するためのものだと考える。しかしもしハイエンドなプロダクトに触れるだけで、あなたは同じ機能の集合が体験によっていかに拡張されうるかを知ることになる。それを一度知れば、あなたは高品質なものにお金を払うことを選択するだろう。]

My entire life, I fought for Apple. I tried to get my friends to use Macs. But they didn't. It's not because they thought their PC was better than my Mac. It's because they didn't know something better could exist.

When I was at Apple, I learned that they don't throw more people at hard problems. They hire the best.

And they don't measure products by what they do, but by how well they do them. You won't find a matrix where Apple compares their product to a competitor by feature. They measure products by the experience.

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